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« on: March 01, 2010, 12:25:24 am »
I have put this together to help people identify some of the strange things out there in the videos. If you think you've found something odd - have a look here first! Hover your mouse over the pictures to see how to classify them.

Don't forget Quialiss' excellent summary in the Resources section and SOHO has some useful information too.

For some more pictures and videos go to the Solar Stormwatch Flickr page. It is difficult to show some comets on a single frame. If you have problems comet spotting have a look at this excellent video showing 5 comets.

If you think something should be added please PM me.

thick arc
edge flash

edge flash
edge flash

white doughnut
half white line
full white line

comet McNaught
missing blocks
missing blocks
missing blocks

spacecraft roll
particle strike
particle strike

broad particle strike
broad particle strike

planet loop
planet loop

planet loop
bright bars
cat's eye

milky way
planet and loop

chain artifact

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