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« on: March 04, 2010, 03:39:13 pm »
Posting pictures
In Firefox - right click on the image and choose "copy image location". Then paste this between the img tags ("insert image" is the first icon second row above the smilies).

In IE - right click - choose properties. Highlight the long url from the pop up box (make sure you have it all) and paste this between the img tags.

Adjust the size of your picture
You can specify the height and width of the image you post. Useful if the image you are posting is too big. Just add the height or width (you only need specify one as the other will be adjusted proportionately automatically) to the opening img tag as follows:

[img height=150] then add the closing img tag as normal.

Use Preview to check the size. 150 - 500 pixels should be OK for most things.

If posting from an external website please post the link or mention the site as an acknowledgement.

Posting tidy links
If you want to do this kind of thing follow these steps:
1. Copy the url of where you want to link to. Web page url's are at the top of the page usually under the menu bar. The url of other posts or pictures can be found by right clicking. In Firefox right click and choose "copy link location." In IE right click - choose properties. Highlight the long url from the pop up box (make sure you have it all) and copy.
2. Now you need to paste it into a post using the correct url tags.
3. You can use the "insert url" icon - second icon second row above the smilies next to the IMG tag.
4. Paste your url into the opening url tag as follows. Note you have to amend the opening tag by adding a "=" sign:

Code: [Select]
[]click here[/url]
This will appear as click here

You can always click "quote" as if you were going to reply to a post just to see how someone else has coded a post. There's no need to actually post - just click "back" or move away to another page when you're done.

Posting links to videos
We all like to share a favourite moment!
Just follow these steps.
1. Click "Add clip to favourites" to select the video to add to "Your Favourites."
2. The video will only actually be added once you click "Send Answers" so don't forget to do this.
3. Once in "Your Favourites" click on the video to play it and copy the url which should look something like this:
4. Paste it into a forum post. Anyone logged into Solar stormwatch will be able to view it. If you can't view a video posted in this way - log in!

Posting still pictures from videos
If you have Windows7 or Vista use the Snipping Tool. Find it under Start/All Programs/Accessories/Snipping Tool. (Thanks for the tip Caro!) This allows you to select the area you want from a screen and save it. Freeze the video at the frame you want and use the tool. Then you'll need to host the picture somewhere to link from. (See (5) below).

If you are not using Windows7 or Vista it's slightly trickier but follow these steps:
1. Freeze the video at the frame you want.
2. Take a screen grab by pressing the Print Srn button usually top right of the keyboard. This copies the screen shot to the clipboard.
3. Paste the screen grab into an imaging program (Paint, Photoshop, anything like that) and crop just the bit you want and resize as needed.
4. Save this picture to your hard disc.
5. Now there are 2 options:
a) Either add the picture as an attachment to your post (the option is under Additional Options below the posting window.)
Or (and preferably)
b)Use an imaging hosting site like Photobucket, Flickr or Picasa  to upload your image and then link to it (as explained above) from there.

A word of warning though. Some photo / video sharing sites (like You tube) contain adverts which refresh each time you open the page. What appears to be family friendly one minute may not be the next. The sites mentioned above are fine. Sites like You tube also contain spaces for chat and comments which are often not at all family friendly. There is a way to link to You tube videos however which will bypass the ads and comments.

You tube
1. Link to the pop up window version and not the main page.
2. Look for the white arrow in a grey box top right of the video.
3. If you place your mouse pointer over it a message pops up: “”Watch this video in a new window”.
4. Click on that and copy the url from the pop up window.
5. Make sure it says t=0 at the end of the url so the video starts from the beginning.

How to date your video
1. Save to Your Favourites (as above).
2. Go to "My Solar Stormwatch."
3. Right click on the thumbnail of the relevant video.
4. Click "Properties" (IE) or "Properties" / "View Image Info" (Firefox).
5. The date forms part of the file location in the format: 20090629 - 29 June 2009.
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